Trees at Willow Tree intersection - soon to be cut down

Shame – Premier Houston & Mayor Savage Ignore ~3,400 Citizens & CUT 20 Robie & Bell Road Trees!

When FHC heard Premier Houston’s provincial government wanted Mayor Savage and HRM’s permission to cut 37 trees on Robie, Bell Road & Summer for the QEII hospital expansion, we knew there was a better option — take the building back from the edge so the tree roots were safe. Together our collective effort reduced the number of cuts to ~20. But HRM issued permits and cut ~20 trees despite opposition from ~3,400 citizens. In a climate crisis and knowing the importance of trees to our city and personal health, governments & builders must do better. Trees and Healthcare need to co-exist. Shame.
Up next? Premier Houston’s Health & Wellness wants Parks Canada to pave green space on the Halifax Citadel National Park’s Garrison Grounds for hospital parking.  Why is the Premier and his Minister of of Health determined to wreck Halifax’s public realm for the QEII hospital expansion? Shame.

Trees at Willow Tree intersection - soon to be cut down

Photo: Several of the 20 trees along Robie St. & Bell Rd. that  Premier Houston and Mayor Savage allowed to be cut down to expand the QEII Hospital complex.

See below for Our Actions to Help Protect Our Trees!

1. Petition to Premier Houston & Mayor Savage:
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2. Politicians to email:,,
nclude HRM’s Manager of Urban Forestry, Crispen Wood  Ask him to add your comments to his Urban Forest Masterplan Update.

Message to decision makers

  • Follow good urban planning principles; engage in meaningful public consultation
  • Be collaborative. Work together. Keep a healthy environment for a healthy population and climate.
  • Protect the 20 remaining trees, set the building back from the sidewalk

Cutting down mature, historic trees along Halifax streets is shameful. We are living with the effect of climate change – Fiona, floods, fires. Nova Scotians want faster better healthcare but it isn’t a case of hospitals or trees; better planning can give us both. Set the building back to protect the trees. They can never be replaced Political leadership to protect the trees and Halifax Common are what we need. Silence, shirking responsibility, blame and finger-pointing is unacceptable.

Timeline of FHC Actions:
November 2023 – FHC rallied against the governments’ plan to cut 37 trees. About 40 people including Gorsebrook and Citadel students joined our efforts.

August 2023 – FHC’s second letter to Premier Houston and Mayor Savage asking why they’d been silent and unresponsive: 2023 FHC 2nd letter Mayor, Premier re tree cutting

July 2023 –  FHC’s first letter:2023 FHC Mayor, Premier re tree cutting asking them to work together to protect the urban trees by moving the building back from the edge and protecting their roots.

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