Good News at the Willow Tree – Thank You Bill Mont!

Replacement Tree

Private citizen Bill Mont replaced this Willow Tree, victim of a car crash.

Friends of Halifax Common offer a sincere “Thank You” to Bill Mont for his resolve to plant a new willow tree at the Robie St. & Quinpool Rd.  corner. A midst all the distraction over proposed highrises & a proposed roundabout at the “Willow Tree” corner no notice was given to the Willow Tree having gone missing in action.  On Nov 29, 2014, a 4 am car crash took down the most recent willow tree that Queen Elizabeth II planted years ago. (See Nick Hood’s car crash video & pics of previous willow trees here…)

In the Mercer watercolour shown below  “Halifax Citadel and Common from the Road by Gom’s Tree, 5 July 1841” Gom’s Tree is at about the same location as today’s Willow Tree. We don’t know who Gom is but rumours of the tree being used for hanging are unsubstantiated.

"Halifax Citadel and Common from the Road by Gom's Tree, 5 July 1841" (That tree would be about the location of a little willow, removed a few years ago, which was a remnant of a much older one, the "Willow Tree" on Quinpool Rd.)

Vintage Halifax Willow TreeThese photos on the left are from
Vintage Halifax & show the Willow Tree Junction with and later without the tree.

NS Archives_WillowTreeIntersection_000
Now that Mr. Mont has planted the new Willow Tree we hope that the city will put up an attractive fence to ensure its safety.



A proposed Willow Tree Roundabout, May 2012 (design cost: $200,000)

A proposed Willow Tree Roundabout, May 2012 (design cost: $200,000)

And we are worried about proposed developments and city plans to continue turning the North Common into a giant donut ahead of an integrated transportation strategy that prioritizes the public’s choices over private cars.