Walk Around the Common – June 23/21 4-6pm

Join us for a Walk around the Common – June 23rd @4pm – to mark the 258th anniversary of the Halifax Common, a gift ‘to and for the use of the inhabitants of the town of Halifax as Commons, forever.”  We’re following the German tradition of a Grenzgang –when people walk around a property to check the borders and to protect it against intruders. We all need to become familiar with our collective Common and help protect it for future generations. Details below…

The North Common is about 20% or 1/5 of the 240 acre Halifax Common grant.(David Garrett)

Meeting Place: Victoria Park (Spring Garden Road and South Park Street)
Time: 4pm, Wednesday, June 23.  (rain or shine)
Route: We’ll walk clockwise/south along South Park, South, Robie, Cunard, North Park, Ahern, Bell and back to Victoria Park.
Distance: ~4km, 1 – 1.5 hour
Picnic: 6pm Victoria Park— Bring food and invite friends to share it with. This is a good option if you are unable to join us for the walk. (weather dependent)

COVID has reminded us all of the importance of nature for physical and mental health. Dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes. We’ll do respectful social distancing.  Excited to see you there! 

Can’t join us? Then please consider joining or donating to the FHC.