The 1994 Halifax Common Plan

1763 Land Grant as recorded by Jonathan Belcer and found in Nova Scotia Land Grants, Old Book 3, Grant #77, p.166-168
In 1994, after public uproar over paving part of the Common for the Grand Prix road races, Halifax City Council adopted the Halifax Common Plan after a successful and meaningful public consultation. It promised…

Section 2.1:The amount of public open space in the Halifax Common will not be decreased.
Section 3.1:The amount of land owned by the City of Halifax will not be decreased.
Section 3.2: The city will seek to increase the amount of land under city ownership through recapture of lands.

The original Common boundaries were outlined in red on this map from 1898. Here we show it in green.






2006 HRM call for plan review of 1994 Plan
1994 Halifax Common Plan on HRM website
2006 HRM call for staff update