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FHC to Mayor/Council: Pls. Clarify Role of Senior Staff in Premier’s Panel on Housing

The Premier’s Housing Joint Task Force meeting minutes show senior HRM staff Kelly Denty, Executive Director of Planning and Development and Peter Duncan, Director of Infrastructure Planning led and fully participated in the site selection. The only participation from the general public was by proxy with an article from The Atlantic: Community Input is Bad, tabled at the April 28, 2022 meeting .

FHC has written to HRM Mayor & Council asking that they direct the Chief Administrative Officer, Jacques Dube:

  • To determine how the actions of the staff do or do not reflect the priorities of Council, i.e. why the selected areas are not those Council has in mind; 
  • That requires an explanation from the CAO on these matters, and that he will communicate the answers to the public. 

One of the sites fast-tracked by the Premier’s Housing Task Force is the 45ha Eisner’s Cove Marsh in Dartmouth, N.S. There the provincial government paid Clayton Developments ~$22 million to have 373 ‘attainable’ units (~$59,000/unit) in a total of 875 units.

Read the FHC letter here: Continue reading