St Pat’s Deadline & Bullshit At 6067 Quinpool Road Post

Friday, August 14 is the deadline for comments at Shape Your City/Manipulate The Citizens for the former St Pat’s High School at 6067 Quinpool Rd.  The April 2014 decision to sell St Pat’s

Fake public process offers towers lost in space with Styrofoam trees.

Contrived public process offers towers lost in space with Styrofoam trees.

was made without any public consultation. Now more pretense at public consultation allows 20 days for comments on three prescribed proposals, The Square, The Grid, & The Plaza.
Bullshit At 6067 Quinpool Road  is a great submission you will want to read.  Maybe you’ll have questions for the Mayor & Council <>  i.e. Why does it seem that a developer’s agenda not that of the public is being served?  Or,
In the city’s rush to sell off St Pat’s what other ideas such as those of Sheilah Hunt, a former FHC director,Transform St. Pat’s site into Halifax’s cultural:artistic hub | The Chronicle Herald, are we missing out on?

FHC’s previous posts are  here & here & here*

*i.e. the July 14th notification for the July 24th public meeting; the errors (i.e. wrong density) and omissions (i.e. no height) in the consultant’s report; the limitation of scope by constraining discussion to three preordained Lego Prototypes options; the hasty mid-September presentation of final design concept and recommendation; etc.