Time to Start Over – Spring Garden Road, Robie, College, Carlton St Projects are TOO Massive

“Development Options Halifax” is a new group using technology to model two proposals for four towers 16, 30, 20 and 26-storeys, at Spring Garden Rd, Robie, College and Carlton Streets and to explore alternatives. At 3/4 the size of the Nova Centre these are among the most colossal proposals in Halifax to date. If approved the scale of all subsequent development in the city will change. So far in the planning process the two projects have been separate. By presenting the model of the two developments together in the context of Carlton Street and the adjacent neighbourhood Development Options hopes the public will be better informed and ask for a more transparent process. Please write to clerks@halifax.ca (Below is a sample letter)

Dear Heritage Advisory Committee, HRM Halifax and West Community Council, and Mayor and Council;

The older, smaller, Carlton Street neighbourhood is just the kind of neighbourhood that gives the best return on measures for economics, hidden density, affordability, local business, diversity and desirability. And re-using and retrofitting existing buildings almost always offers the best environmental choice over demolition. Instead of demolishing 12 buildings for four out-of-scale towers that will loom over historic Carlton Street, only small scale in-fill development should be permitted. Protect the last historic neighbourhood on the Halifax Common and Carlton Street, a nationally recognized “rare” Early Victorian heritage streetscape. Make the best economic and environmental choice for densification: do not approve the proposed 16, 20, 26 and 30 storey towers.
(Name, Address)

Learn more at: developmentoptionshfx.com