Questioning A New Permanent Building – June 5th

Questions and comments for consideration
1. Temporary Buildings:
a. As per the change to the legislation the only building permitted is the one exclusively to support the Oval.  What is the schedule for removal of the temporary buildings now in their 5th year?
ovalb.-The Museumplein in Amsterdam is one example of many of a public park that kept its green space by installing underground parking and buildings-there is even an underground shopping centre. Why isn’t the building being built underground with underground parking and a walkway/tunnel to the Central Common?
c. Kiosks are not legal buildings exclusively to support the Oval – Why aren’t food trucks used- they could be parked on the street?

2. Chillers:a-The chiller building is illegal and ugly. The chillers by-product is waste heat that is not being used. Will the Chillers be put undergournd or incorporated into the basement of the new building so the waste heat can be captured for warming?
What is the level of efficiency of the chillers?
b-Is Halifax buying ghg offsets for the electricity to make the Oval more green?

3. Budget:
In 2012 the budget was $1.4 million.
a-What is the budget for the building broken down in 3 components: capital, operational and staff salaries.
b-Are staff new employees or are they taken from other recreational sites?

4. Lighting:
There is no known correlation between increased lighting and safety-only a sense of safety.  Prior to the Oval reports of crime on the Common had gone down for ten years.
The inverse square law for light states that if you double the distance of your subject from your light source you get 1/4 of the light.  If you triple it you get 1/9.  And if you use stadium lights you wreck the neighbours’ sleep.
a-Why then would you not put in more light fixtures on shorter poles thus saving money and having more effective lighting? For example 16 times the power is required to light the Oval because of the distance of the poles from the surface.

5. Oval Footprint and Aesthetics:
a-When will the road to the centre of the North Common’s temporary garages be removed and remediated?
b- When sponsorship was announced it was for the winter season not year round as the Oval was not programmed for summer use. When are the winter flags (seasonal) scheduled to be removed?
c- When are the 2010 promised improvements to the North Common not related to the Oval scheduled to take place-entrance plazas, seating, landscaping, tree planting and field improvements? In 2010 the budget was $3 million, What is the budget now?
d- Parking on the Common is not permitted and it is not safe for pedestrians, especially at the road/path/crosswalk interconnects on Cogswell and North Park. With a building there will be many more pedestrians and cars. What is the plan for enforcing parking at the Pavilion and stopping the driving on the Common along the roadway to the now temporary garage? Why is staff parking at the Pavilion permitted – why not have reserved on-street parking?