Please Comment on 18 Spot Re-Zoning Projects

There is worrisome trend for the developer tail to be wagging the HRM Centre Plan. And for some folks to not have to follow the rules. HRM is asking the public to comment on 18 projects (many on or near the Halifax Common), that break rules and will hand hundreds of millions of dollars in extra floor space for developers to rent or sell – is this the best way to plan a city? Please make on-line comments on the 18 proposed developments…
Project details:
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Many citizens and HRM staff are unaware that the Halifax Common land grant is 240 acres.  Or that the 1994 Halifax Common Plan commits the city to retaining and recapturing the lands as shown: “For purposes of planning the area is divided into three precincts as shown on Map 2: North, Central and South.” p.3

Many neighbourhoods are protected by present height restrictions. If approved these spot-rezonings will hand developers hundreds of millions of dollars in extra floors to rent or sell. High-rises privatize the public’s view of blue sky and sun without any public benefit, only extra wind and traffic. And there is no place in the 1994 Halifax Common Plan for these high-rises. With lots of vacant land throughout the city for smaller scale development and in-fill more respectful development can happen.

What the City is really up to?
Project details and visuals show buildings that are too bulky, too tall, cause too many demolitions, have too much parking (remember walkability), are too close to corners and traffic, and are too dominant over existing public green space and blue sky or residential neighbourhoods.
As well there isn’t enough detail on what is presently permitted on the lots-take the proposals in the Spring Garden Road area where now heights of 35, 45 and 50 feet protect the existing historic neighbourhood and trees.  No where is there mention of the 1994 Halifax Common Plan.
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