In the News—parking garages, developments, Centre Plan

Maura Marche uses a hula hoop on the North Common part of the  245 acre Halifax Common given in perpetuity to “the inhabitants of the town of Halifax as Commons forever” in 1763 by King George III. (TIM KROCHAK-photo)

FHC Update: During COVID bubbling its been wonderful to see how many people are enjoying the Common for sitting, playing, eating, socializing or relaxing. A round up of recent media stories shows what Friends of Halifax Common has been busy doing to work with citizens to protect the Halifax Common. Legislative protection of the Halifax Common is critical, as is the need to re-commit to the goals of the 1994 Common Plan to keep, not give up, and re-capture its public open space.
And finally two Halifax Examiner articles covers two Common related developments. 
What does all this add up to? The pandemic has let us know we need to make better use of our public space and streets for people to gather safely. More high-rises, more shadow, more wind, more cars and more traffic on the Common and less space for common shared use is not the way to go. The Centre Plan proposes no new parks for the Peninsula but intends to add 15-30,000 new residents. Just like the pandemic this is another signal that we can’t keep making the same bad decisions and expect different results.
There’s a municipal election on October let your candidates know that protecting the Halifax Common as well as extending it to create a green network of new parks throughout the Peninsula is a top priority.
Please let us know what you think and how you can help.
Very best wishes for staying well from Friends of Halifax Common