Thank you for Writing to Protect Former Home & Clinic of Dr. Clement Ligoure—5812-14 North Street

On January 24th HRM Mayor and Council unanimously supported  FHC’s 2022 Heritage Designation Application to help protect the former home and clinic of Dr. Clement Ligoure at 5812-14 North Street by giving it heritage designation.

This important building is a legacy to Nova Scotia’s first black doctor, co-founder of Canada’s first all black military battalion and editor of Nova Scotia’s first black newspaper. 
While the Queen Anne Style building is significant for its architecture it is most important as the former home and clinic of the remarkable Dr. Ligoure. It is at risk of demolition for redevelopment — the entire block is owned by a large developer. It is also at risk because of HRM’s plan to widen Robie Street and its Robie Street Transportation Corridor Reserve.

Dr. Clement Ligoure led the way in many significant ‘firsts’ for Nova Scotia and Canada. He was the first African Nova Scotia medical doctor. Ligoure’s private Amanda clinic was the base for his heroic response to the Halifax Explosion in treating hundreds of injured each day. Dr Ligoure was  co-founder of the No. 2 Construction Battalion, Canada’s first all black military unit. And Dr. Ligoure was also an editor of Nova Scotia’s first black newspaper, the Atlantic Advocate.

Among the many supporters letters came from Dr. Afua Cooper, Dr George Elliot Clarke, Dr. El Jones, Dr Lyn Jones, Floyd Kane and Sharon Ross to help strengthen our collective voice.

More information on Dr Ligoure’s contributions: