FHC & Todd Veinotte-Councillor Misinformed on Wanderers

Reminder: Its time for our Mayor and Council to protect the Halifax Common, not to let more of it slip out of public use and control. The temporary “pop-up” stadium on the Wanderers Grounds is turning into yet another example of privatization of the public’s Common. Before the private, for-profit Wanderers Club took over the space amateur players of all ages and gender fully used the field for football, touch football, rugby, lacrosse, frisbee and soccer. Now the field improvements, maintenance and utilities are still paid for by public tax dollars but there is little to no public benefit or access. Even if Sports Atlantic doesn’t get the $20 million its been asking for they’ve been closing off availability to land worth millions. With thousands more residents moving to the Peninsula we need public open green space more than ever. Here’s an July 2022 interview to fill in some of the information missing from the discussion!

The Wanderers Grounds was fully used by amateur players like this QEHS football team (2015) before HRM paid hundreds of thousands for field upgrades, lights, scoreboard and on-going utility/maintenance for a professional private for-profit soccer team takeover of the public-land.