FHC to Centre Plan- “Protect the Common”

FHC Centre Plan Submission May 2016 emphasizes the importance of public open space. As HRM’s population grows we need to protect and expand access to green land and blue sky, not just on the Halifax Common but throughout the city.

Below’s a summary of FHC requests for how the 1994 Halifax Common Plan be respected.*
Correct the labeling of the boundary of the 240 acre grant on Centre Plan maps which presently show the 30 acre North Common as the “Halifax Commons”.

Ensure policies for greenscape, historic character, streetscapes, landscaped open space and climate change be included.

Create a Special Zone Designation for all property within and bordering Canada’s oldest Common which was designated an Historic Site under the Halifax City Charter in 1971.

Protect the views towards and from the Halifax Common.

Stop rule-breaking development on and around the Halifax Common and prevent the negative impact of private high rises in proximity to the public’s land, including shade, wind and sense of openness.

Develop mobility and active transportation routes throughout the Common through a combination of sidewalks, paths and safe pedestrian crossing areas.

Re-claim the Halifax Common by recapturing the lands. (ex. former School for the Blind now the present-day VG parking lot.)

Work with nature to help deal with climate change. (ex. daylight Freshwater Brook and reintroduce functioning wetland ecosystems.

*To honour the intent of the goals and objectives of the 1994 Halifax Common Plan which commit the City (now HRM) to the following:
Section 2.1: The amount of public open space in the Halifax Common will not be decreased.
Section 3.1: The amount of land owned by the City of Halifax will not be decreased.
Section 3.2: The city will seek to increase the amount of land under city ownership through recapture of Halifax Common lands.