FHC Survey- District 2 Candidates’ Replies

Of four candidates in District 2 only incumbent David Hendsbee replied. David Boyd wrote to say that he supports the FHC 100%, surveys from Nicole Johnson and Tim Milligan were not returned.

See details below:

David Hendsbee
Phone: 902.404.8848
Email: david.hendsbee.ns.ca@gmail.com

  1. There has been gradual but constant loss of public-use open space from the Halifax Common’s 245 acres. In the HRM Charter there is a legislated protection for preserving the integrity of the Dartmouth Common. Would you commit to establishing a similar law to protect the integrity of the Halifax Common? YES
  1. Proposals for 4 high rise towers on the Halifax Common in the Carlton, College, Robie, Spring Garden Road area are proceeding through the HRM Development Agreement process. If approved these will negatively impact public enjoyment of remaining open green space on the south Halifax Common i.e. Camp Hill Cemetery, Public Gardens or Dalhousie Seton Campus, by blocking sunlight/views, creating wind and adding hundreds of cars. Would you work to have HRM actively oppose these developments? NO 
  1. The Halifax Common remains a major reserve of green space for the Halifax Peninsula. There is a shortage of green space in HRM (needed in addition to sports and recreation facilities). Would you favour an expanded and comprehensive green space policy for HRM, especially on the Halifax Peninsula, that will increase public open space and connectivity between existing green space? YES and on the Eastern Shore too that needs community green village open spaces in East Preston, Mineville, Lake Echo, Lawrencetown, Porters Lake, Musquodoboit Harbour & Sheet Harbour.
  1. One recent change in a part of the Halifax Common is use of the Wanderer’s Grounds. Prior to its essential privatization by a professional soccer team, the Wanderer’s Grounds was fully booked by amateur players. Now zero amateur teams have regular access. Have you any policies you’d pursue for the Wanderer’s Grounds? HRM should negotiate an Access for Amateurs play policy as a condition and part of the long term lease with the Wanderers.
  1. Plans for the additions to the QEII hospital complex include the building of two parking garages at the Natural History Museum and former CBC TV site. While the Province is taking the lead, HRM is co-operating. Under s.213 of the HTM Charter the Province pledges to “consider the planning documents of the Municipality” before carrying out any development. Would you work to have HRM actively oppose the Province’s plans for these parking garages? NO
  1. The previous City of Halifax adopted a 1994 Master Plan for the Common. HRM is now considering a new Master Plan. What are your views on the pros and cons of the 1994 Master Plan and what would you propose for the new Halifax Common Master Plan? The old plan did not envision new recreational activities and facilities such as the Oval. The wading pool needs to be upgraded and other repairs to playground equipment. Maybe the water fountain should be restored with a light show feature at night. I would welcome some sort of urban orchard grove along the central part of the commons. Perhaps rows of cherry trees along the pathways.