So where is Freshwater Brook?

North Common's Freshwater Brook

North Common’s Freshwater Brook

In this guided walk, Bill Lewis, respected indigenous elder, Matt Neville, urban planner and writer, and Peggy Cameron, generalist and Friends of Halifax Common Co-chair, led a walk to retrace the watercourse of the now underground Freshwater Brook, starting at the North Common and walking through to Victoria Park.

This little-know buried stream was once the circulatory system of the Halifax Common and can be explored as a metaphor for the human attitude towards the natural environment.




Stakes mark the location of Freshwater Brook

There is still a digital guide to the walk that you can use to re-trace the path of this underground brook. This version of the walk begins at the corner of Robie and Cunard Streets on the North Common. Thanks goes to Matt Neville for creating the guided map “Freshwater Brook: A self-guided city-nature walk” (available for web browsers and Android phones).