Stories from the Citadel

Alan Wilson, respected historian, author and educator will lead a walk around the exterior of the Citadel Fortress. Starting from the entrance to Fort George, the tour will head to the SE end corner to view the harbour entrances, including the Eastern Passage, Fort Townshend, the Islands, York Redoubt, point Pleasant, the opening of the Arm, Martello & Flemming towers and a bit on the City’s downtown. Then to the NE corner to view the Narrows, North End, Africville, Rockhead site, the Basin, Tuft’s Cove Indian Site and the First Explosion and the 1945 Dartmouth Explosion site.

A two-part video edited by Michael Lei permits you to listen, watch and learn from YouTube and then armed with a bit of historical context take a look at the view from Citadel Hill with a new outlook.

Jane’s Walk 2012: Stories from the Citadel – Part One

Jane’s Walk 2012: Stories from the Citadel – Part Two