Cartography of the Commons – Workshops with Zachery Gough

With your help, artist Zachery Gough envisions our Biophysical,Knowledge, Social and Cultural Commons in Halifax.

With you, artist Zachery Gough will envision our Biophysical, Knowledge, Social and Cultural Commons in Halifax.

Cartography of the Commons is a collective mapping initiative and workshop series by artist Zachery Gough to take stock of the things we share in Halifax. We’ll swap info about shared and free resources (Biophysical, Knowledge, Social and Cultural) and talk about how increasingly everything is for sale.
All workshops take place a the Halifax Public Library. Everyone welcome.  Free.

Biophysical Commons: Monday, April 20th, 5pm
Knowledge Commons: Monday April 20th, 7pm
Social Commons: Saturday April 25th, 12Noon.
Cultural Commons: Saturday April 25th, 2pm

Cartography of the Commons is a social engaged art project that seeks to map the biophysical, cultural, social, and knowledge resources that we share in common, and to feature the Haligonians who maintain those common assets. I’m doing this by speaking directly with people who commit themselves to keeping the commons strong, accessible and resistant to enclosure, and with them, represent common assets in a map. Once this aesthetic and functional object is made, I’ll ensure that it is not only collaboratively created, but also commonly owned, either by donating it to the library or storing it in some other accessible space. It will then serve as a celebration of common labour, but also as a physical resource or index of commons in Halifax.
– Zachary Gough
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