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Buildings for the Climate Crisis – A Halifax Case Study  A report by Peggy Cameron finds that the building boom fuels not only the climate crisis via greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from the construction, development and demolition industry but also the affordable housing crisis. The report proposes models for distributed density as a better carbon negative/positive options.
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Lloyd Alter, Ralph Surette, Chloe Logan Give “Top Marks” to Report below…

Image: Halifax Waterfront. Henryk Sadura/ Getty Images

Lloyd Alter, well-known author at Treehugger calls the report a “Groundbreaking Study Highlighting How Design and Development Decisions Affect Embodied Carbon” “The lessons of a study from Halifax, Canada can be applied anywhere. It should be studied closely, big implications.” Read Alter’s article

Ralph Surette’s Chronicle Herald article The lowdown on high-rises: they fuel the climate crisis, notes cities are turning away from high-rises. And Britain’s Royal Institute of British Architects wants to “stop the demolition” because of GHGs. For those who see the report as coming from those against progress Surette cautions “… Get over it. The progress you’re talking about is what brought us to this climate crisis, and is a bad odour at COP26 and beyond. You’re on the wrong side of history. Stop the demolition.”  Read Surette’s article.

National Observer’s Cloe LoganThe Hidden Carbon Footprint of Highrises