Haligonians Reclaiming The Common

Since 2007, Friends of the Halifax Common has engaged in a number of initiatives to try and raise interest in and support for ensuring that the intent and spirit of the 1994 Halifax Common Plan is upheld.

This has included succeeding in having the 1994 Halifax Common Plan be available on HRM’s website in 2008.

Because most HRM Councillors are unfamiliar with the 1994 Halifax Common Plan, FHC asked to permission to do a presentation before the Council.

We were not granted this but we did make a presentation to the Community Council (Dawn Sloane, Sue Uteck, Sheila Fougere & Patrick Murphy) to inform them about the existence and principal mandate of the Friends of the Halifax Common. One outcome was that each Councillor was to receive a hard copy of the Halifax Common Plan 1994.

We also asked that Mayor Kelly and Council follow through on a promise made by Mayor Kelly to have a Halifax Common Task Force formed to ensure that there attention being paid to the Common and with public participation.

Mayor Kelly has not kept this promise.